Amy has been working with me to get my books organized. She has also been handling payroll and accounts payable as my business grows. Amy is knowledgeable in QuickBooks and skilled in her trade. She is low maintenance, easy to work with and very fast at responding to my requests and get things done on time 

Rob, Granger Cabinetry and Millwork Ltd.

Amy is helpful, efficient with time, takes the burden of bookkeeping off my plate!
She is easy to follow and clear in her directions for the pieces I need to do for her to complete her work.

Alison, Holding Hope

Amy has been dependable, smart & practical with regard to bookkeeping & business advice. Her knowledge with quick books is excellent.

Christine Mahjoubi, Kid Central

Amy has been my book keeper for 2 years. She handles everything carefully and always reply me promptly. She is very good at using quick book software and get all my documents organized.Strongly recommend.

Rim Alloy Canada